Beach House with Artistic Design in Australia

Beach home are a group that inclines to shadow a design in footings of project. Most beach houses have this light project, bright inner and renewed decoration. But not all of them manage to combine those elements in an artistic design. It’s not the case for this beach house.Located in Queensland, Australia, this attractive beach house was a project by Aboda Design Group. The customer had few but clear needs. He required a house with clean and sophisticated lines, with a modern design and an informal décor that would also have a dramatic presence. Another request was for the architect to take advantage of the potential of the site.

9c396f673d20d00be34ce479c0518307 australia-beach-house-designs-california-beach-homes-lrg-daf2caf866e8e677 Blue-Dog-Beach-House-by-Aboda-Design-Group-1